Turn on the LED for every occasion.

Providing sustainable and innovative solutions that meet challenging applications, you can expect nothing but the very best from CLS. Ubiquitous designs, coupled with practical solutions that will delight your visual senses, our LED products are simply the best in class.

Brightest & EFFICIENT

We at CLS are committed to provide higher efficiencies in our products using light engines that deliver an output of over 100 lumen / watt and our luminaries are certified by independent, third-party testing labs to validate our conformance with LM-79 standard as per IES.

With zero flickering and instant glowing when turned on, CLS products reduce glare and eye strain and illuminate spaces evenly with a homogenous light.


Colour rendering index is paramount when it comes to applications where true colour of the subject is to be emphasised. Yet, higher the CRI, more the energy consumption.

At CLS, we endeavour to strike a balance between near maximum CRI and efficiency that meets the challenging requirements in museums, art galleries, retail stores, textile industry, medical and automobile industries besides many others, thereby ensuring you see true colours and yet not at the cost of luminaire efficiency.


LED's are heat sensitive and smallest change in temperature can alter a luminaire or the driver’s lifespan radically. A unique thermal system employed by CLS in its products ensures efficient heat management that has been designed for the Indian climate, thus ensuring longevity of the system.

LEDs - the solid state lighting devices utilize semiconductors instead of a filament or neon gas. Since it is encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure, LEDs are sturdier than traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. When suitably designed, they can withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperature as LEDs don't use fragile components such as glass and filaments.

At CLS, we lay a great emphasis on following the best practices in manufacturing our luminaires that are optimized for a guaranteed performance backed by our warranty policy that covers the complete system and not just the source itself.


Compared to an incandescent bulb, an LED luminaire saves up to 90% of the energy. Yet, recycling of an LED waste is critical and will be more so in times to come.

At CLS, we lay an immutable emphasis on our products being eco-friendly that are free from lead, mercury and any other environmentally hazardous substances.

Free from UV emissions, lead and mercury, our fixtures can withstand temperatures of up to 60C and hence reduce the risk of fire. Safe to use and easy to recycle, CLS products are environment friendly.